Trailer Rental in Savannah, GA

COOP offers different types of trailers depending on several factors from the design, purpose, and model of your preferred trailer. As part of the perks of being a big city, Savannah is a boom of the trailer business and getting one for rent is quite simple. A lot of people and businesses own different trailers, from flatbeds to dry trailers and everything in between that you might need.

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Trailers for Rent near Savannah, GA

Common Trailer Features:

  • Trailer lengths: 28ft., 45ft., 48ft., and 53ft.
  • Trailer widths: 96", 102"
  • Interior height: 110"
  • Both roll-up or full-swing doors
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Air ride suspension
  • Heavy duty duct floors and 3-inch insulation
  • E-Track
  • Many CARB compliant
  • Light aluminum flatbed construction

Available Trailer Types

Not all trailers are created equal; your needs for a trailer will vary depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. Here are some possible variations of trailer rentals in Savannah, GA.

Flatbed trailer rentals

Flatbed trailers are open trailers with different lengths suited to different requirements. These are able to carry heavy-duty cargo over long hauls and to make it easy to use them, they have one or multiple rear ramps.

Dry trailer rentals

Dry trailers are famous in the U.S. for freight transportation. They often guarantee safety of the cargo inside because they are usually fully sealed and closed unlike the flatbeds which are open. While safety is assured, they are unfit for moving perishable goods because the temperature inside is uncontrolled.

Refrigerated trailer rentals

If you have a business or want to move cargo that requires refrigeration, then reefers are the best option for you. Reefers usually have controlled temperatures with a fitted refrigeration system that makes them the best to move perishable goods. In the public sector, the potential applications for reefers are transportation of medical facilities, emergency responses, military, and disaster planning. Most reefers are suitable for carrying light-duty and medium-duty cargo.

Trailer Brands

COOP offers multiple brands of rentals in Savannah, check below for some potential brands for rent depending on availability.

Great Dane Limited

When it comes to trailers, Great Dane is a widely recognized manufacturer around the globe. It can go for relatively long distances, so whether you want to move your cargo from Savannah to another city or into the city, it will do a great job. Over the years, it has been enhanced with distinct features which make it a safer, more durable, and efficient option. Great Dane Limited recorded 46,000 trailers and an extra 1,100 truck bodies.

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of both strong and lightweight trailers in the world. The company’s output of trailers in 2015 totaled to 49,187 which was a higher number when compared to the previous year. Additionally, it has produced the most number of refrigerated vans in the U.S. and in the same year, it produced 25,552 reefers.

Vanguard National Trailer Corp

Vanguard National Trailer Corp recorded a total of 10,835 trailers and 2,700 refrigerated trailers in 2015. It deals with dry-freight trailer and refrigerated semi-trailer manufacturing and has used premium performance features to set the trailers apart from the rest in the market.

Hyundai Translead

With 93 different dealer locations, Hyundai cuts the list of the top trailer manufacturers. With its focus on van dry and refrigerated trailers, it was the first to receive a certification from ISO:9001 in North America for quality and consistent manufacturing. According to statistics, it built 60,329 truck trailers in 2017 alone.

Trailer Uses

The trailers rented on COOP can be used for any of your business needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for trailers rented on COOP.

Construction equipment

As a contractor, you want to comfortably move your equipment and tools to and from work. Even more, you want to easily access them from your vehicle.

Motorcycles and ATVs

For people who love going for motorbike and ATV adventures, there is a need for an efficient mode of transportation for them. A trailer is spacious enough to accommodate your ATV or your bike or even both and any other gear you may need to carry for your outdoor activity.

Furniture and Appliances

If you are moving, then consider using a utility trailer to move your furniture and appliances. It is cost effective and efficient for moving even the most delicate appliances especially if it is a long haul.


If you want to move a car or any other automobile over long distances, then a utility trailer is the most cost-effective and efficient option.

Building supplies

As a business, you want to be able to carry all your equipment and tools, and easily access them when you want to use them. A trailer is an easy way of transporting building supplies to your job site.

Camping equipment

Instead of squeezing every piece of camping gear in the back of your car, there is a wide range of trailers you can get that can fit all the stuff you will need to carry for your camp. Even with a small car, you can get a lightweight trailer that will carry everything you need.

Lawn-mowing equipment

If you own a lawn-mowing business, then you will need a landscaper, as you have many tools which you have to move to your job site. When compared to high bed trucks, trailers are more accessible and the most efficient in transporting landscape and lawn mowing equipment.


For a boat owner, unless you own or live close to the lake, you will need a utility trailer to help you get it to the water.

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