Refrigerated Box Truck Rental in Atlanta, GA

Refrigerated box trucks are a common vehicle rental in Atlanta thanks to the different transportation needs they serve. They can offer a wide range of temperature control and are mostly used for the transportation of perishable goods and other loads that are sensitive to high temperatures and humidity. Businesses can effortlessly access available reefer box truck rentals in Atlanta on COOP.

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Refrigerated Box Trucks for Rent near Atlanta, GA

Common Refrigerated Box Trucks Features:

  • Size: 16 ft.
  • Up to 17,950 GVW
  • Load capacity of up to 7,000 lbs.
  • Increased power with electric standby or automatic start-stop features of refrigeration unit for convenience, fuel savings and lower emissions
  • Thermo King refrigeration units and Carrier refrigeration units available

Reefer Box Truck Variations

Not all refrigerated box trucks are created equal. Your needs for a refrigerated truck will vary depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. Here are some possible variations of reefer box truck rentals in Atlanta, GA.

Light-Duty Refrigerated Box Trucks

Light-duty reefer box trucks are the most ideal for maneuvering tight urban spaces and for carrying relatively lightweight cargo. They come in different sizes that determine the weight they can carry as well as how long they can travel for.

Medium-Duty Refrigerated Box Trucks

Medium-duty refrigerated box trucks will carry more load than light-duty ones can but nothing like what heavy-duty reefers can carry. The difference between lightweight reefer trucks and medium-duty reefer trucks is a bit significant and different models will vary from others depending on size and other features.

Heavy-Duty Refrigerated Box Trucks

As the name suggests, heavy-duty refrigerated box trucks are used for the transportation of heavier loads when compared to light-duty reefer trucks. Also, the number of axles and the wheelbase length configurations on a reefer truck will help determine the amount of cargo it can carry at a given time. The more the number of axles, the more loads the reefer truck can carry. The efficiency of main features like the condenser, evaporator, refrigerator, and engine will not be affected by the weight of the load.

Refrigerated Box Truck Brands

COOP offers multiple brands of reefer box truck rentals in Atlanta. Check below for some potential brands that are available for rent depending on availability.


Ford is a leading technology and innovations truck manufacturing company. Some of the most reliable reefer box trucks are from Ford which is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. Ford reefer trucks come with different unique performance features which set them apart from their counterparts.


Freightliner reefer trucks are some of the most relied upon truck rental brands for Atlanta businesses. During its period of operation, Freightliner has mastered some of the most important production techniques. In the long-run, it has managed to build some of the most durable and high-performing reefer box trucks, among other truck types and transportation equipment.


While GMC has some of the most used luxury vehicles, it also has its place in the trucking industry. GMC reefer trucks are mostly heavy-duty and able to carry out most of the transportation needs in independent fields. In addition, GMC trucks come in different sizes with different performance capabilities.


Hino is a widely known company in the transport industry thanks to their highly remarkable trucks. Hino trucks have some of the most impressive features which make them some of the best in the trucking industry. What’s more, Hino has different dealership outlets around the globe.


Kenworth is yet another renowned trucking company. In addition to building reefer trucks, it has manufactured a myriad of different trailers and related equipment to serve different purposes. These trucks are some of the best trucks running on the roads today.

Refrigerated Box Truck Uses

Depending on the size of the business and the demand, business owners can choose the most appealing reefer truck to satisfy their business-specific needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for reefer box trucks rented on COOP.

Food Transportation

To transport most food products, there is a need for a reefer truck. Most foods easily spoils when exposed to hot weather conditions and as such, needs to be transported under cold temperatures to preserve them. In addition to transporting food products, reefer trucks can be used for food storage. Many startup businesses in the food vending industry use reefer box trucks as a way to minimize the costs of starting a new restaurant by storing food in a refrigerated box truck rental.

Ice Cream Businesses

Ice cream requires very specific temperatures to prevent them from melting. Certain reefer box trucks can be customized and be used as mobile ice cream outlets, specifically those that have temperature control to keep ice cream in tact to its delivery location.

Atlanta, GA Businesses Using Reefer Box Trucks

Food Transportation Companies

Reefer box trucks greatly help food transportation businesses with extra demand in Atlanta. There are multiple options of reefer truck rentals to choose from on COOP and can be accessed easily for different business’s needs. These trucks come in different configurations, including varying temperature ranges and are suitable for diverse business owners in the food transport industry.

Renting a Reefer Box Truck in Atlanta, GA

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  • Step 3: Pick up

    Truck pick-up details are sent to you upon request acceptance. Payments are made via credit card at pickup.

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