Dry Van Trailer Rental in Orlando, FL

Dry trailers are also called dry van trailers. They are a common mode of transportation for many countries and the topmost used in the U.S. Their primary use is the transportation of dry freight and can be as long as 53 ft. In addition to transporting dry freight, dry van trailer can also be used for other applications. COOP is one of the best platforms to access dry trailer rentals available in Orlando.

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Dry Van Trailers for Rent near Orlando, FL

Common Dry Van Trailers Features:

  • Lengths of 45 ft and 48 ft
  • Widths of 96 ft or 102 ft
  • Light aluminum and steel flatbed construction available to increase payload capacity

Dry Trailer Variations

Not all dry trailers are created equal, your needs for a dry trailer will vary depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. Here are some possible variations of dry van rentals in Orlando, FL.

Moving Vans

Moving vans are common and hard to miss on most roads. They are mostly used for transporting household items both locally and regionally. One of the reasons they are used for such tasks is that they offer great security to the cargo being transported while protecting them from rain and sun.

General Dry Van Trailers

General dry van trailers come in different sizes, including light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty. Some of the freight they are used to transport, from electronics to building products, and furniture, just to mention a few. Also, while they don’t have temperature control systems, they protect freight against bad weather thanks to their excellent quality. Also, the vans are fitted with strong locks and doors to help keep freight secure and intact.

Pup Trailers

While general van trailers boast maximum lengths of 53 ft, pup trailer lengths can range between 26 and 29 feet. One of the most common uses for pup trailers is local pick-ups and deliveries. A lot of drivers prefer using pup trailers because they help increase interactions between them and other drivers since their routes have occasional stopping points that require re-arrangement of freight. This way, drivers can feel safe while making trips.


COOP offers multiple brands of rentals in Orlando, check below for some potential brands for rent depending on availability.

Strick Trailers LLC

Strick Trailers LLC is one of the best trailer manufacturing companies with some of the top technology and innovations under their production. Over their years of operation, the company has mastered the strategies to world-class manufacturing, which has lead to an expansion of its customer base. As a result, the company has opened different sales locations to meet the demand.

Kentucky Trailer

Kentucky trailer company was founded in 1879 and has some of the best dry van trailers, among other transport equipment. Kentucky dry trailers are built of high quality and top-notch performance features, making them some of the best trailers on the roads.

Wabash National Corporation

Wabash National Corporation is headquartered in Lafayette, Indiana. It is among the leading dry van producers in the world. The company was started in 1985 and has since diversified its fleet portfolio to suit different commercial and personal needs. Wabash National Corporation has been rated as a top trailer manufacturer in North America.


The dry trailers rented on COOP can be used for any of your business needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for dry trailers rented on COOP.

Clothing and Textile Industry

Since dry vans are enclosed, they help protect clothes from bad weather like rain or extreme heat which may tamper with their quality. Clothing and other textile industries use dry van trailers for transportation simply because of their reliability and convenience. Oftentimes, clothes and fabrics are mainly transported in bales and bundles, making it easy to carry huge quantities at once.

Transporting Electronics

When exposed to the wrong weather, electronics can easily get damaged. Dry van trailers are a great way to transport them without exposing them to rain or extreme sun and humidity. They are enclosed, ensuring that freight reaches the destination in good condition. Also, transporting electronics in the wrong vehicle may be dangerous, for instance loose wires may hang when transporting such items via flatbed.

Pick-ups and Deliveries

Dry van trailers can also be used to make pick-ups and deliveries in the city. For example, pup trailers are small and compact, allowing them to easily maneuver urban spaces and make the required pick-up or delivery. In addition, dry van trailers can be used to carry a wide range of freight which makes them ideal for different businesses and transport applications.

Moving Services

A lot of household equipment needs to be protected from the sun and even rain. Also, most of these household items are quite heavy and need heavy duty trailers to haul them. Dry trailers offer the convenience needed to haul different household equipment, furniture, and appliances. Apart from household equipment, dry van trailers can also be used to move delicate office equipment.

Orlando, FL Businesses Using Dry Van Trailers

The clothing and textile industry is better placed to use dry van trailers for their transportation needs. Most fabrics and clothes are usually transported in the form of bales and rolls. Carrying multiple bales and rolls at the same time can be daunting, especially because they tend to be heavier when transported that way. The good thing is that such businesses can access available dry van rentals in Orlando through a few steps on the COOP website.

Renting a Dry Trailer in Orlando

  • Step 1: Signing up

    The first step to renting a dry trailer is to sign-up from the Coop website. After signing up, search for one near you preferably from Orlando.

  • Step 2: Request

    Select a trailer that suits your needs then make a request. Once the request is made a reservation is made for you as you wait for acceptance by the owner.

  • Step 3: Pick-up

    Once your request is accepted, you will receive pick-up details.

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