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COOP makes it simple and safe to rent out your vehicles to trusted businesses near you. List your vehicles today and generate up to $3,400/month.

"My two straight trucks have generated over $5000/mo in total this summer."James LCoffee Service Company

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Use the calculator below to find out how much revenue your truck can generate when listed on COOP!

  • $2,371per month
  • $28,448per year
Non-reefer Vehicles
  • Trucks

    generic truck
  • Tractors

    generic tractor
  • Trailers

    generic trailer
Reefer Vehicles
  • Trucks

  • Tractors

  • Trailers

Avg. Days Rented
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"I make over $3,000 per month on COOP right now with just one sleeper."Joseph R.Genesis Trucking
"We've generated over $13k during our low season by renting out our vehicles."Bob M.McChain Distribution Systems

Track how your idle vehicles earn you money!

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Your vehicles are in good hands

What happens if my truck gets damaged?
Your truck is covered by Ryder's 24/7 roadside assistance and physical damage insurance.
How about liability?
Each borrower is vetted to ensure they have a clean DOT, carry physical damage and at least $1M in auto liability.
How do I get compensated for downtime if my truck gets damaged?
COOP offers vehicle replacement coverage which guarantees a substitute vehicle in the event yours gets damaged.
How do I get paid?
You will get paid via secured direct deposit at the end of each transaction, after the borrower has returned your vehicles.

COOP is powered by Ryder

Vehicles rented through COOP come with Ryder’s 24/7 roadside assistance for a reliable rental experience.

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Your vehicles are in good hands

Each transaction is covered by physical damage insurance and a $1,000,000 liability policy. All users are checked to ensure they meet our required insurance and operating authority standards.