Refrigerated Box Truck Rental in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Also known as reefer box trucks, these are an upgraded version of the standard box truck. They have an additional refrigeration system, condenser, and evaporator that normal box trucks do not have. They come in different types which are on rent on the COOP website. Whether you have light-duty or heavy-duty transportation needs, you can always rent a truck to solve any business demands.

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Refrigerated Box Truck Rental in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Common Box Trucks Features:

  • Size: 16 ft.
  • Up to 17,950 GVW
  • Load capacity of up to 7,000 lb.
  • Increased power with electric standby or automatic start-stop features of refrigeration unit for convenience, fuel savings and lower emissions

Refrigerated Box Truck Variations

Refrigerated box truck rentals come with different capabilities, which load you intend to freight should affect what you look for. Some of the variations for reefer box truck rentals on COOP in Ft. Lauderdale, FL may include the following.

Light Duty Refrigerated Box Trucks

Light duty refrigerated box trucks are the standard version used for transportation jobs. Smaller loads like beverages and foods can be hauled via reefer box trucks. Also, they are the best for urban deliveries and transportation since they are small and good for maneuvering tight spaces when compared to bigger models.

Medium Duty Refrigerated Box Trucks

In its simplest form, a medium-duty reefer box truck is an upgrade of the light-duty reefer box truck. It can carry more loads, has better performance capabilities and can endure longer distances. So, medium-duty reefer trucks can be used in instances where light-duty ones are not able to complete the task.

Heavy Duty Refrigerated Box Trucks

With a heavy-duty refrigerated box truck, you will be able to haul anything that light duty and medium duty reefer box trucks can’t carry. These models represent peak capability for refrigerated box trucks. Their vehicle weight rate, wheelbase length, number of axles, cargo space, and height are maximized. While they may not be the best for urban spaces, they can handle the largest loads over the longest distance.


There are several brands you can find with the COOP app in Ft. Lauderdale, if they’re available, some examples of brands you may find for rent are below.


Over and over again, Freightliner has continued to win over many drivers with their perfectly-built trucks. With a Freightliner truck, you won’t have to worry about underperformance or unreliability. With every release, the company outdoes their previous models and this is one of the reasons trucks have always been popular.


Kenworth was founded in 1923 with its headquarters in Seattle. While it is controlled by Paccar, Kenworth also has a few subsidiaries of its own. They include GreatWest Kenworth ltd, Inland Kenworth ltd, Inland Kenworth, and Kenworth Toronto ltd. Also, the company has branched out to different locations with production alternating between different transportation equipment.


Businesses in different fields can access available Iveco reefer box trucks for rent in Ft. Lauderdale on the COOP website. Iveco refrigerated trucks are among the best there are in the trucking market. Their unique configurations and the company’s aim to produce high quality and dependable trucks have made them unbeatable.


Peterbilt trucks never seem to disappoint. They boast some of the top-rated performance features and have models that meet the needs of a variety of jobs. The company is controlled by Paccar and has been in operation since 1939.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is mostly recognized for its production of luxury automobiles. But when it comes to the trucking and transportation industry, the company also has a reputation for manufacturing highly reliable trucks. The company operates under its parent company, Daimler AG.


Refrigerated box trucks available for rent with the COOP platform can fill different business demands. Rent a reefer box truck with COOP and use it for any of the following example services.

Chemical Transportation

Most chemicals are highly reactive. Under the wrong temperature, they may react and cause fatal accidents or even pollute the environment. Due to this, they need to be kept under specific temperatures to prevent a reaction, even during transportation. So, most companies use a reefer box truck to regulate temperatures when transporting such chemicals.

Ice Cream and Beverage Transportation

Some beverages should be transported under controlled temperatures to prevent spoilage. Also, ice cream cannot be transported under high temperatures without melting and spoiling. Such beverages that need specific temperatures at all times, as well as ice creams, are transported in reefer box trucks that offer the right temperature.


Flowers are a highly sensitive good. As such, there is a need for transportation under controlled temperatures because they may get spoiled when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Most florist businesses use reefer box trucks to make their deliveries and to transport flowers from the greenhouses to their point-of-sale destinations.

Ft. Lauderdale FL Businesses Using Reefer Box Trucks

COOP by Ryder makes it easy for any business owner to access a wide range of refrigerated box truck rentals in Ft. Lauderdale. With such availability, the food and beverage industry has reaped greater profits. Low renting rates make it possible for different companies under that industry to access any reefer box truck suitable for their business. What’s more, different configurations and customization possibilities give an opportunity for more transportation potential.

Renting a Reefer Box Truck in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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    Once you are on the COOP platform, sign-up to gain access to the available trucks. After you complete the sign-up process search for a truck near you: use the filters to make the search easier.

  • Step 2: Request

    From the available truck options, make your selection then send a request. After the request is made your truck will be reserved for you and you will have to wait for the owner to accept it.

  • Step 3: Pick up

    When the request is accepted, pick-up details will be sent to you.

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