Tractor Rental in Fort Worth, TX

On COOP, you will find a wide selection of tractors for rent. Heavy duty, light duty, single axle and those with multiple axles. The platform has made it easy for businesses to rent these tractors whenever there is a need. The fact that they are built differently means that they can be used for different transportation jobs.

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Tractor Rental in Fort Worth, TX

Common Tractors Features:

  • Extra-large fuel tanks reduce fuel stops and downtime
  • Custom interiors, loaded with driver comforts for the long haul
  • Electronic engines, air shields or air fairing and cab extenders
  • Air suspension driver seat for a more comfortable ride
  • Power steering, air conditioning, motorized mirrors, and well-appointed cab interiors

Tractor Variations

Depending on your needs, which tractor rental you choose should reflect that. Possible tractors for rent in Fort Worth, TX on the COOP platform are below.

Single axle Tractors

These are made of one drive axle on both sides of the tractor. This means that a single axle tractor has single rear and front wheels. As such, they are not capable of hauling extremely heavy cargo, hence are used for light duty hauling.

Tandem axle Tractors

Tandem means two, and as opposed to single axle tractors, these have two drive axles at each side of the tractor. Two drive axles mean that the tractor can haul heavier loads when compared to a single axle tractor. The two axles also help to ensure the safety of the driver and the goods being carried since they increase the stability of the tractor.

Sleeper Cab Tractors

With sleeper cabs, there is an extension of the main cabin area. Ideally, sleeper cabs are meant for long distance transportation. They offer the room and comfort needed by the driver to rest when the distance is long. So, the sleeper cab is usually equipped with a bed and other essentials for convenience.


COOP offers multiple brands of rentals in Fort Worth, check below for some potential brands for rent depending on availability.


Iveco works as a subsidiary of CNH industrial and was started in 1975. Since then, it has made some of the best tractors and has gained worldwide recognition as one of the best automobile manufacturers. The company has opened different dealerships around the world but with the headquarters in Turin, Italy.


Volvo is known for the manufacture of light duty and heavy duty tractors. Most of its transportation equipment has the best quality, and the company works under its parent company, AB Volvo. The company is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden and has branched out to several branches in different places.


Paccar boasts some of the highest performing tractors. It serves as a controlling company for different subsidiaries under it. Using top innovation technologies has played a huge role in improving productivity and maintaining a good name for the company. It also has operating sales outlets in different locations apart from its headquarter’s location.


The tractors rented on COOP can be used for any of your business needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for tractors rented on COOP.

Heavy Hauls

A lot of industries involve the hauling of heavy machinery and equipment. For instance, the construction industry, manufacturing plants, and factories involve moving huge machinery. Such requires an equally heavy duty tractor to carry them to where they are needed. There are multiple axled tractors that can safely haul even the largest equipment in these industries.

Boat Hauling

One way to haul small boats is by towing them with your car, but if you buy a yacht or a bigger boat, you will not be able to do so. Depending on the size of your boat, you can choose a tractor big enough to tow your boat. Also, dealerships and ports use different types of tractors to haul boats on a daily basis.

Automobile Haulage

With a heavy duty tractor, businesses are able to haul multiple automobiles at the same time, from the port to different car dealerships. It also allows for different options, and depending on how long the distance is, the attached trailer can either be closed or open. Tractors can also be used to haul wrecked vehicles to a yard.

Baled Tires

Unusable tires are tied in bales to make it easy to transport them. Before putting them into bales, they are compressed so, these bales are heavy. Tractors are great for the transportation of such since they can handle most heavy duty tasks.

Long Hauls

While tractors are used for hauling heavy equipment, they can also be used to haul loads over long distances. And the best tractor for long haul tasks is a sleeper tractor since it offers a resting place for the driver when he/she gets tired. These could be heavy duty or light duty, depending on the requirements of the business.

Fort Worth Businesses Using Tractors

Tractors have an endless list of loads they can transport, but most heavy hauling businesses in Fort Worth would best benefit from them. They come in different weight specifications which make it possible to haul different load weights. And COOP offers affordable rental rates for the different types of tractors available in Fort Worth.

Renting a Tractor in Fort Worth, TX

  • Step 1: Signing up

    Submit the required details in the sign-up form. Once signed in, make a search for available tractor rentals in Fort Worth and choose the one you would wish to rent.

  • Step 2: Request

    Select the option you want from the results and submit a request. As you wait for the request to be accepted by the vehicle owner, a reservation for that particular tractor is made for you.

  • Step 3: Pick up

    Vehicle pick-up details are sent to you upon request acceptance.

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