Dry Van Trailer Rental in Atlanta, GA

Dry van trailers are a common means of freight transportation in the US. Dry vans can carry different load weights, depending on the cargo space available as well as the payload capacity. COOP by Ryder has a range of different dry trailers available for rent in Atlanta, and a business can rent a trailer with just a few easy clicks.

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Dry Van Trailers for Rent near Atlanta, GA

Common Dry Van Trailer Features:

  • Lengths of 45 ft. and 48 ft.
  • Widths of 96" or 102"
  • Light aluminum and steel flatbed construction available to increase payload capacity

Dry Van Trailer Variations

Not all dry trailers are created equal. Your needs for a dry trailer will vary depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. Here are some possible variations of dry van rentals in Atlanta, GA.

General Dry Van Trailers

General dry van trailers are the most common dry trailers. Most dry van trailers are taken over-the-road across multiple states to deliver goods across the nation. They are ideal for long distances and transporting a large quantity of products or goods. A standard general dry van trailer will measure up to 53 feet in length which is the general maximum dry trailer length. COOP also has 48 feet, 46 feet, and 43 feet trailers available to rent depending on the amount of cargo that needs to be loaded. With general dry trailers, businesses will be able to make a choice depending on their line of work since they offer a wide range of options to choose from and are versatile for many different kinds of cargo.

Pup Trailers

Pup trailers are a shorter version of dry vans and can be any length between 26 to 29 feet.While general dry trailers haul more cargo, pup trailers can be used to make local deliveries and oftentimes are used for over-the-road doubles and triples. It is easier to make deliveries or pickups using pup trailers in urban centers like Atlanta.

Dry Van Trailer Brands

COOP offers multiple brands of rentals in Atlanta. Check below for some potential brands for rent depending on availability.

Wabash National Corporation

Wabash National Corporation is among the leading dry van producers in the world. The company was started in 1985 and has since diversified its fleet portfolio to suit different commercial and personal needs. In North America, the company is regarded as a top trailer manufacturing company.

Vanguard National Trailer Corp

Vanguard is a big dry van and refrigerated semi-trailer manufacturer. The cost of operating Vanguard dry trailers is low while still being high-quality pieces of equipment. As one of the leading trailer manufacturing companies, Vanguard has incorporated the best technological innovations into its production making it a great choice for a dry van trailer rental.

Strick Trailers LLC

Strick Trailers LLC has used cutting-edge technology to maintain excellent products. The company has different dealership locations. Throughout its years of operation, it has produced high-performing dry trailers. Most of their fleet comes with unique features meant to boost the quality and reliability of their trailers.

Dry Van Trailer Uses

The dry trailers rented on COOP can be used for any of your business needs. Here are some examples of the types of uses for dry trailers rented on COOP.

Machinery Hauling

Dry trailers are widely used for the transportation of huge machinery. They are mostly heavy-duty and hence can easily haul heavy machinery without compromising on efficiency in terms of performance. What’s more, hauling huge and heavy machinery via dry van trailers reduces possible risks for road transportation since the trailers are fully enclosed. Some of these machinery include building machinery, boats, aircraft parts, construction materials, and more.

Moving Household Goods

Dry vans are one of the most convenient ways to move household items which makes them perfect for businesses with furniture, household, and appliance deliveries. Dry trailers are big enough to accommodate most if not all of the household items needed to be moved. From large appliances to heavy furniture and everything in between, dry van trailers can go the distance with these kinds of cargo. Also, dry trailers offer convenience in so many ways, securing them with e-tracks and keeping them intact and secure during the over-the-road transport.

Carrying Textile and Clothing Items

Clothing and other textile items are transported using dry vans. They are enclosed and sealed. As such, during transport, the cargo doesn’t risk bad weather like rain or extreme heat which may tamper with the quality of the clothes. Also, most clothing and textile items are transported in bales and bundles, so huge quantities can be transported in one single trip.

Transporting Non-perishable Foods

Another major use of dry vans is the transportation of non-perishable foods. Goods that do not spoil easily, including some beverages are usually transported using dry van trailers. The good thing is, the dry vans are high enough to allow the goods to be stacked up on each other. This means that more goods will be transported, as long as they do not exceed the maximum cargo load the trailer can carry.

Pick-ups and Deliveries

Standard dry pup trailers are used to make pick-ups and deliveries. Their size, which is smaller than 53 feet dry van trailers allows them to easily maneuver urban spaces and make the required pick-up or delivery. Also, pup trailers can be used to carry a wide range of loads which makes them ideal for businesses in different fields.

Atlanta, GA Businesses Using Dry Trailers

Textile Businesses

The textile industry would be highly advantaged by dry trailer rentals in Atlanta. COOP offers these trailers in affordable prices and in addition, any business can easily access them as long as they suit their needs. Individuals with startups in the clothing and textile industry can use these trailer rentals to minimize trailer acquisition costs and instead use those finances to expand their business.

Renting a Dry Trailer in Atlanta, GA

  • Step 1: Signing up

    The first step to renting a dry trailer is to sign-up from the COOP website. After signing up, search for one near you preferably from Atlanta.

  • Step 2: Request

    Select a trailer that suits your needs then make a request. Once the request is made a reservation is made for you as you await for acceptance by the owner.

  • Step 3: Pick up

    Once your request is accepted, you will receive pick-up details. Note that payments are made through credit card upon pickup.

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